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Auto Insurance

Taking the time to understand auto insurance concepts, like the difference between “collision” and “comprehensive” coverage, can be frustrating when you are trying to shop on your own and you just want to know what kind of protection you will get. That’s why Lynch Insurance Group prioritizes communication with clients, so our agents can translate industry terms into coverage explanations that leave drivers feeling confident they have exactly the coverage they need.

Starting with basic liability insurance and adding features until you have a personalized plan to address your needs means understanding the differences between drivers, car styles, and vehicles in different stages of their operating life. Kenneth L Lynch works with Nationwide to construct policies that meet your needs with options like comprehensive coverage against damage while parked or even robbery.

If you have questions about coverage options and policies, talk to one of our agents by calling us at (740) 587-4509. You can get answers, make a purchase over the phone, or schedule an in-person consultation meeting with Lynch Insurance Group in our office at 1844 Lancaster Rd.

Homeowners Insurance

Modern home insurance coverage is not one-size-fits-all, but is instead based on the unique aspects of your home and living in Granville. Some physical components to consider when covering your home are detached additions, like pools and sheds.

Another aspect of home insurance is covering the belongings on the inside, the ones that are most valuable or the most important to you. For expensive works of art, antiques or jewelry, there is our Valuables Plus® coverage. If the unforeseen does happen, you can be covered with our Brand New Belongings® program which aids in the repair or replacement of your covered belongings. Whether you’re covering priceless memories or expensive boutique items, Kenneth L Lynch and all our other local agents want to make sure you get the best coverage possible.

The sheer number of coverage options and discounts can seem overwhelming, but not when you have Lynch Insurance Group to explain every step along the way. We’re located at 1844 Lancaster Rd, but you can also call us at (740) 587-4509 to schedule an appointment or just ask questions.

Ken Lynch Insurance Group Homeowners
Life Insurance

Life Insurance

If you are thinking about purchasing a life insurance policy in Granville, you might have a few concerns about the process. You are probably familiar with purchasing insurance for your vehicles and home. However, life insurance requires you to exercise a little more due diligence. Think of life insurance as a long-term, personal investment. The right coverage can provide financial stability for your family. The wrong coverage could leave them with unexpected expenses.

At Lynch Insurance Group, we work with Nationwide to provide you with many insurance options to protect your most valuable assets. We understand the need for financial security and the challenges you may encounter in achieving it. We are here to help provide you and your loved ones with friendly and professional assistance in protecting the items and people you cherish the most.

You want the best rates possible for your budget. For you to receive it, you need to consider which types of life insurance you need. Making this decision is not always easy. Fortunately, Lynch Insurance Group is available to assist. There is some industry language you may not be familiar with that can make it challenging for you to understand policy options. We also offer different levels of coverage with varying death benefits and payment options.

Your policy is only as good as your insurer’s reputation, experience and coverage options. To learn more about our products and how they can benefit you, call (740) 587-4509 to speak with one of our team members, or stop by 1844 Lancaster Rd,Granville,OH,43023 to discuss your insurance needs in our office.

Business Insurance

Lynch Insurance Group has the risk management expertise you need to protect your business and position it for future growth. Just like the coverage available from Nationwide, this expertise extends into each of the local industries in Granville, including retail and restaurants, wholesalers and professional contractors, as well as several niche markets. Whether your business is just around the corner from our office, or is located somewhere else in Granville, our agents understand commercial property coverage and your business insurance needs.

This understanding, as well as our commitment to superior products and customer service, has led Lynch Insurance Group to partner with Nationwide. It starts with the value of their policy coverage and the level of service delivered by the On Your Side® Claims Service. Plus, our business clients can choose from flexible billing options and specialized insurance programs, like GrouProtector℠ accident medical insurance.

From business interruption to medical stop loss, let the experts at the Lynch Insurance Group help you search for potential coverage gaps and other customized insurance solutions. Give us a call at (740) 587-4509 to talk about how to manage your risk or to make an appointment with our office.

Business Insurance

Farm Insurance

Farm property insurance helps protect the extra important things on your farm, such as:

Your home and its contents
Your farm machinery and equipment
The products you produce
Your barn and other farm structures

Things that make your farm your farm.

Home and contents protection
Generally, your farm property insurance covers your home, your home’s contents (household personal property), as well as tenant dwellings, other buildings and outdoor equipment to maintain your home, including:

Detached garages
In-ground pools
Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns

When you insure your home and its contents, your insurance policy also provides coverage for debris removal, credit card theft and loss of use. Optional coverages allow you to increase limits in many situations.